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About Really Clean

Really Clean is a very specialised cleaning company. Our main business is bond cleaning (vacate cleaning) and builders cleaning. Our main partners are Real Estate Agencies and Construction Companies. The list of our partners can be seen in the “Our Partners” page of this website.

Bond Cleaning and Builders Cleaning are usually the most intensive types of cleaning of properties and they require high level of standards and responsibility from cleaners. You need to clean properties from top to bottom and from interior to exterior and you need to know how to clean all sorts of surfaces to ensure the completeness of clean, but also the integrity of the surfaces remains undamaged.

Real Estate Services

The Property Manager’s and Sales Agent’s One Stop Cleaning Shop!

Bond/Exit Cleaning

A thorough bond clean can take in excess of 12-36 “man hours” to complete, depending on the size and state of the dwelling.   

We clean absolutely EVERYTHING including the inside, outside and on top of all cupboards and drawers (and behind), we clean all surfaces, architraves, skirting boards, clear cobwebs, clean interior windows, window sills, frames, tracks, window coverings e.g. vertical drapes and venetian blinds, (Ask if curtain cleaning is required), spot clean walls, and when necessary, wash walls. We vacuum and mop all hard floors and corners. We use a clean disinfected mop ALWAYS, and we know which chemicals to use on differing floor and surface types.  We clean and disinfect showers, tiled areas, bath tubs, vanities, toilets, light switches, power points, door knobs and surrounds for hand prints, laundry tubs, tap-ware (including scale removal from base) we clean light fittings, fans and air-conditioning units (height permitting in-line with Workplace Health and Safety requirements), and all kitchen appliances, benches and splash-backs.  We sweep and wash entertainment areas, verandas, porches, railings, decks and stairs.

Specialist “Green” cleaning products are used for septic systems.

Remember, we can clean absolutely EVERYTHING! The Really Clean Team, will do it all. 

Remedy Bond Cleaning

Really Clean are often called in to remedy other cleaning contractors short-comings. Our attention to detail and Property Management experience sets us apart from other cleaners. Whether it’s a minor remedy or a list of items to be remedied, Really Clean will have it done in no time.

Bond Claims

Really Clean understand that unfortunately at times, you need to claim the bond on a property to repair or clean it to bring it back to rentable condition.  Really Clean are happy to carry out cleaning upon receipt of a work-order and await bond refund for payment.

Going to Court?

We are happy to take before and after photographs as proof of a remedy clean for court purposes, Simply inform us of your requirements prior to the clean.

3 Monthly Remedy Breach Cleaning

We also offer a remedial clean to tenants whom you have breached regarding cleaning issues, including mould removal.  

Pre-Occupancy/Freshen-up Cleaning

Have a property that’s been vacant for some time between tenants? Our freshen-up service is a great way to ensure the property is fresh and clean for incoming tenants. It also ensures there are no issues/disputes with entry reports with regards to the cleanliness of a property.

Pre-Sale/Spring Cleaning

Really Clean offers your and your Vendors a pre-sale cleaning service whereby we will clean all surfaces in each room to present the property at it’s very best. This is like a spring clean where we  clean the oven, stove, range-hood, dishwasher, sinks and cupboards. We remove mould from tile grout make bathrooms sparkle, windows shine and the whole house smelling fresh and clean for sale. We are happy to negotiate a price should you, the Sales Agent wish to offer this service to your vendor as a “listing incentive”.

De-Clutter Service

Really Clean offers a de-clutter service to clients who are simply overwhelmed with the process of preparing their property for sale.  Our experienced Real Estate Agent can come in and assist you to prepare the property at its best. Storage and home staging can be arranged.

Post-Sale Cleaning

This service is becoming more and more popular as purchasers are now requesting a professional clean prior to settlement. Really Clean can take the worry out of cleaning the property prior to hand-over to new owners. A good clean could be just the thing to get that deal over the line!

Estate Cleaning/Hoarders

At times, Agents are faced with the task of marketing a property that is adorned with an over-abundance of personal effects either after the occupant has left the home or are continuing to reside in the home.  Usually family members are overwhelmed with the task at hand and cannot cope or do not have the time or emotional strength to pack away a loved one’s property. We can help. We will pack items of value, we can arrange storage or organise donation to a charity.  We will then clean the home in readiness for tenants, or for sale. Call Donna for a chat.

Mould Cleaning

We at Really Clean can tackle unsightly surface mould on walls and ceilings, once the initial cause of the mould has been addressed.  

External House Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning

Really Clean can pressure clean the exterior of the property and clear debris from and clean the gutters.

Carpet Steam Cleaning/Stain Removal

We offer carpet steam cleaning and stain removal services to our clients.  Whether it’s a freshen up or a nasty stain, we at Really Clean will get your carpets looking as fresh and clean as possible.

Pest Control

Our pest control services cater to both interior and exterior general pest and flea control.

Yard Maintenance

Unsightly overgrown yards can be both a deterrent to prospective tenants and purchasers. Really Clean offer mowing, trimming, weed removal and tree trimming services and present the property at its best.

Rubbish Removal

At times, tenants leave behind unwanted items expecting they’ll be over-looked or un-noticed. Really Clean offers a rubbish removal service including white goods, general waste, garden-waste and household items. Chemical and vehicle removal requires specialist removal services, please enquire direct.

Flood/Natural Disaster Clean-Up

Really Clean are equipped to handle emergent flood/natural disaster cleaning including extraction of water from carpets and flooring.  We know how damaging, dangerous and germ infested rising water can be and are fully equipped to handle the massive clean-up required to restore the property to a hygienic standard for tenants and owners.

Insurance (Property and Landlord)

Rest assured, Really Clean understands at times an insurance claim needs to be lodged to cover the cost of cleaning as a result of flood/natural disaster cleaning.  We are happy to commence work once we have received a work-order and insurer approval.  Likewise, should Landlord insurance cover any aspect of property cleaning, we are happy to oblige once necessary paperwork has been approved.

Bond Claims

Really Clean understand that unfortunately at times, you need to claim the bond on a property to repair or clean it to bring it back to rentable condition.  Really Clean are happy to carry out cleaning upon receipt of a work-order and await bond refund for payment.