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Bond/Exit Cleans

Simply request a quote under our contact button on the home page. This will better enable us to give you an accurate price based on the information you provide us. Our 100% Bond Back is guaranteed upon REALLY CLEAN having completed all cleaning necessary to meet final inspection requirements. 

Most good bond cleans can take up to 12-14 "Man hours" for a unit/apartment or up to 30+ "man hours" for a house (carried out by up to four cleaners), depending on the size and state of the home.  We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and negotiate with you to come up with a price to suit your budget.

We clean absolutely EVERYTHING including the inside, outside, on top of cupboards (and under wall cupboards), we remove drawers and clean inside outside and behind, we clean all surfaces, splash-backs, architraves, skirting boards, kick-boards, we clear cobwebs, clean interior windows and doors and exteriors where accessible*, window sills, window and door tracks, we spot clean walls, (**wall washing is available if required) vacuum all floors and mop hard floors (using a clean disinfected mop ALWAYS!), and we know which chemicals to use on certain floor types.  We clean and disinfect showers, tiled areas, bath tubs, vanities, drain outlets, toilets inside outside and behind, light switches, power points, door knobs and surrounds for hand prints, laundry tubs (including scale removal) we clean light fittings*, remote control units, intercoms, fans, exhaust filters and air-conditioning units including filters* dust blinds, curtains and rods, clean fixed kitchen appliances; Oven, stove, range-hood, dishwasher, microwave oven (**Refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers upon request) benches and splash-backs. We clean all drains by removing foreign matter and disinfecting the drain outlet. All tap-ware, sinks and fixtures are polished until they shine!

We sweep, wash and de-cobweb verandas, balconies, porches, decks, railings and stairs. Balconies/Entertainment Areas however, due to WH&S restrictions, we do not remove wasp nests (and the like) from the exterior of the property and recommend you employ the services of a yard maintenance contractor for this: We also clean air-conditioner compressors, light fittings and power points. We sweep/blow out garage, spot clean/wash walls, and remove cobwebs. ** Removal of oil from garage floors is available upon request.  **Removal of insect nests from the house exterior including eaves is available upon request. ** High pressure concrete and house cleaning is also available upon request. 


Septic Systems

We are aware that using bleach based products can damage and kill the natural bacteria essential in septic systems as the septic tank relies on bacterial microorganisms to maintain balance as it breaks down the solids in the tank.  Obviously, bleach kills bacteria which is one of the reasons we use it for household cleaning. Therefore, it can kill the helpful bacteria in the septic tank and upset the balance of the septic system.  REALLY CLEAN are aware of this and use only environmentally cleaning chemicals in areas with septic systems.


*(Height permitting in-line with Workplace Health and Safety regulations)

**Additional services available upon request - Please ask for a quote.

Blind Cleaning - Individually clean all Venetian blind slats, spot clean Vertical Drape drops, spot clean Holland blinds

Soft upholstery steam cleaning and disinfection service

Carpet steam cleaning

Full Pest Control or End of Lease Flea Spray

Refrigerator/Freezer cleaning

Removal of oil from driveways and garage floors

Removal of insect nests from the exterior of the home (including the eaves)

Wall Washing

Mould Removal

Pressure Cleaning and House Washing

Removal of insect nests from outdoor areas e.g. entertainment areas and eaves. 

Rubbish Removal

Yard Maintenance including: Mowing, Edging, Trimming and Weeding- (Includes removal of green waste). 

Remember, we can clean absolutely EVERYTHING! So, if there’s a job you’re not confident handling yourself, give the Really Clean Team a call, we do it all!


What Really Counts

We clean what you really don’t want to clean! It’s as simple as that.

REALLY CLEAN'S Director has a Real Estate and Property Management background so we REALLY know what needs to be done when it comes to bond cleaning.  


A REAL Guarantee

If your Property Manager or Landlord isn’t completely happy with the cleaning carried out by our company for any reason, we will come back at no extra cost to you and complete the task within 48 hours of the request.

Really Clean offers a 100% bond refund guarantee on our cleaning provided the account has been paid on or before the day of the clean, no one has entered the property between the clean and the inspection and that the inspection is carried out no longer than 48 hours after Really Clean have completed the job.

We reserve the right to charge a fee if we are called back and no further cleaning is required or if any the above conditions are not met.

We provide you with a paid invoice which you can present to your Property Manager or Landlord as proof of having employed the services of a professional cleaning company.



In this industry you really do get what you pay for.  We see first hand and hear about horror stories almost every day!

Some cleaners may quote you a cheaper rate but this can be a false economy as their standard of work can be (and usually is) less than acceptable.  This could end up costing you more money in the long run because you either have to finish the job yourself because they're un-contactable, "don't show" or return with multiple unsuccessful attempts at remedying, or, you will end up needing to hire the services of a professional cleaning contractor like us, to get the job done properly. Remember, it takes a good company 12-14 man hours to clean a unit/apartment and up to 30 hours plus to clean a house properly. 

This can be a waste of yours and your property manager's time and money! You shouldn't have to wait for your bond refund due to incompetent cleaners! 

Handy Additional Services

We can also help with – Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, Sanitise Soft Upholstery e.g. Sofas & Mattresses, Yard Maintenance/Tidy Up, Rubbish Removal, Handyman Services, Packing and Unpacking Services and Furniture Removals.

Bond Claims

TENANTS: Really Clean understands that paying for a bond clean etc on top of paying bond on a new property and removal costs can add up quickly.  Provided of course there are sufficient funds available from your bond,  we are happy to discuss the possibility of you paying for your bond clean from your bond refund. This of course must first be approved in writing (via email is acceptable) and confirmed by your property manager. 

PROPERTY MANAGERS: Really Clean understands that unfortunately at times, that you as the Property Manager, need to claim the bond on a property to repair or clean it to bring it back to a "rentable"condition.  Really Clean are happy to carry out cleaning upon receipt of a work-order and await bond refund for payment.