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Really Clean guarantees your clean for up to 48 hours after the clean (as long as your invoice is paid in full and nobody other than the property manager has entered the property during this time) so that if your property manager isn’t completely happy with some aspect of our cleaning, we will return to remedy the situation, no questions asked.  You may be contacted by your property manager asking you to remedy something with the bond clean, simply call us or email us the agent’s email and we will arrange to pick up the keys from the agent and remedy the clean, or if it’s one of our real estate partners, they will contact us direct, simple as that.

Typically charged from $395. For a more accurate quote please Request a Quote

We don't cut corners. We do it right first time... guaranteed. If you pay peanuts... you'll probably have an issue getting your bond back, as most property managers want a thorough clean that only bond clean specialists provide.
Because your bond refund depends on the clean state of the property once you have vacated. Let’s face it, once you begin the gruelling task of packing and organising your new home, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning the property and the worry of whether you’ve cleaned it to bond standard. Let a professional cleaning company take that worry away from you so you can concentrate on other things.
Property managers change, and their cleaning expectations can vary from one property manager to the next. Don’t fall victim to the trap that because the property may not have been entirely clean when you moved in, that the next property manager will overlook that. Your entry report may reflect cleaning issues, however most property managers require the property to be cleaned to a high standard in readiness for new tenants. Don’t risk it: employ the services of a professional to take the worry out of your cleaning.
Yes, we clean windows inside and outside where accessible. We remove sliding windows and clean both sides, however some fixed windows cannot be removed and as such, cannot be cleaned on the outside. Also, some windows are obstructed by fixed screens and these of course cannot be cleaned.
Yes! We clean the walls of the garage, de-cob-web, sweep and mop or hose where possible. We can attempt to clean grease or oil stains with degreaser, however this cannot be guaranteed.
A thorough bond clean can take in excess of 12-36 “man hours” to complete, depending on the size and state of the dwelling. We clean absolutely EVERYTHING including the inside, outside and on top of all cupboards and drawers (and behind), we clean all surfaces, architraves, skirting boards, clear cobwebs, clean interior windows, window sills, frames, tracks, window coverings e.g. vertical drapes and venetian blinds, (Ask about our curtain cleaning), spot clean walls, and when necessary, wash walls. We vacuum and mop all hard floors and corners. We use a clean disinfected mop ALWAYS, and we know which chemicals to use on differing floor and surface types. We clean and disinfect showers, tiled areas, bath tubs, vanities, toilets, light switches, power points, door knobs and surrounds for hand prints, laundry tubs, tap-ware (including scale removal from base) we clean light fittings, fans and air-conditioning units (height permitting in-line with Workplace Health and Safety requirements), and all kitchen appliances, benches and splash-backs. We sweep and wash entertainment areas, verandas, porches, railings, decks and stairs.
Full dust, glass, carpets, tiles, yard and more.
Really Clean accept direct deposit and EFT or BPoint (card via telephone) two days prior to your clean.
Yes, once we have completed your clean, we will email you with a paid tax invoice outlining all services carried out.
We can collect keys from your agent; or we can discuss this via telephone or email.
The old saying, “You get what you pay for” has never had a truer meaning than when it comes to bond cleaning. Sure you may be quoted a cheaper price but usually, you’ll get a cheaper job which requires you to fix it up. This can be extremely inconvenient and time consuming. We at Really Clean have years of experience bond cleaning for many of our real estate partners, why chance it? It can be a false economy if you suddenly find out that the quoted price doesn’t include blinds, windows, or they’re unavailable to remedy their clean just when you need them most!
We at Really Clean have carried out over 2500 bond/exit cleans! That’s a lot of cleans. Our director has over 10 years property management and real estate sales experience so you really can’t go wrong with Really Clean taking care of your bond cleaning requirements.
Yes! We hold $10,000,000.00 Public Liability insurance.